ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services

"I had the privilege of having Brent as an employee for 5 years. In that time, he always exhibited a great work ethic and good attitude. We were often short-staffed, but Brent was able to move the product forward through his efficiency. He was also asked to do things that were out of the normal job description of a programmer, but he took on the responsibilities that were given to him. Brent worked hard to complete any tasks that were asked of him. I will miss his innovation and ability."

Travis Jackson
Director, Application Development
ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services

Halloween at RPS

St. Patty's Day at RPS

"The work Brent did for our non-profit was invaluable. His work ethic is outstanding and his understanding of our database needs helped move our projects quickly. Brent's documentation of the methodology of the database are invaluable tools when revising the system and the reports."

Brenda Reigle
Pennsylvania Utility Contractors' Association


SmartCast Pty Ltd, part-time entirely remote
Cold Fusion, SQL Server, FetchRSS, Feedly, Feedity, JavaScript

SmartCast (4 years, active, on-going)
Email subscribers relevant news, grouped by category, index content for searching

  • Initially corrected broken features in existing application, presently suggest and program innovations for earning new clients.
  • For instance, add 300+ sites into FetchRSS, write ColdFusion and SQL to automate daily bulletin creation from content mined. - Simon Grose, leasor - Simon Grose, leasor - Mick Barrett, leasee

RightWay Driving, part-time entirely remote
SQL Server table design and query writing, sending email and SMS in SQL, SQL jobs, dynamic SQL

Driving School Manager (4 years, inactive)
Write ColdFusion interface to set SQL jobs active/inactive, times to run (schedule), email addresses of recipients, email contents using CKEditor including dynamic values such as student name. System administrators who don't know SQL can configure output through their browser.

  • Automate annual, monthly, weekly, daily reports using SQL jobs: report data, expiring licenses, appointment reminders.
  • Write 40+ ad hoc and recurring SQL reports from business requirements. Clarify requirements, propose solutions when encountering unforeseen technical limitations.
  • Merge three existing databases into one, create bridge tables, remove duplicates, reseed keys.

Research Pharmaceutical Services, full-time, in-house then remote
Cold Fusion, SQL Server, Perforce, IssueNet, OmniAudit, JavaScript
Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Certification

TrakWare (5.5 years full-time)
In-house clinical trial management system used by site monitors and project managers to allocate resources and ensure protocol compliance

  • Analysed and standardized 160+ database schemas into one
  • Automated new study creation reducing two weeks to minutes, applicable an average 8 times per month
  • Automated OmniAudit trigger generation reducing days to minutes, applicable for each deployment, averaging weekly over three years
  • Coded industry-leading feature of configurable site visit windows that facilitate monitoring plan compliance with settings managed by an administrator
  • Coded USA CFR 21 Part 11 username, password, forgot password and lockout features, enabling most settings to be configured by administrators
System Page List (.doc)
Business Rules for Password & Username Security (.doc)
Functional Specifications for Site Monitor Visit Window (.doc)
Department Services Overview (.doc)
Department Development Procedure (.doc)
Virtual Machine Map (.txt)

Design Strategy working onsite at Pfizer, 3/4-time
Eprise, Oracle, Webtrends, JavaScript
Advanced Eprise Developer Certification

Customer Business Exchange (CBX) (14 months)
Market Pfizer products by streamlining advertising and promotions using a content management system

  • Analyzed core workflow and rearchitected the structure to create forward rollouts. This allowed contributors to change content at any time, rather than having set “freezes” to bring the content back to development to get code changes
  • Restored user confidence by simplifying content management screens and completing most requested items
Content Owner User Manual (.doc)
Solutions to Usability Issues (.doc)

Generic Portal (3 months)
  • Met with business analysts, drafted specifications
  • Completed all technical work in Eprise and Oracle
  • Wrote technical and end-user training materials
  • Trained and provided support

Convenience Portal (4 months)
  • Met with large team of business analysts listening to their market analysis
  • Drafted specifications, provided time estimates
  • Oversaw programmer
  • Co-authored technical and end-user training materials
  Convenience Developer Guide (.doc)

Command Center (2 months)
Now with a few portals, a need to integrate users, permissions and anticipated future portals arose
  • Established framework for current and future portals
  • Reworked user permissions and roles to span sites
  • Wrote documentation for technical staff and business analysts
  Business Analyst Report Guide (.doc)
Developer Report Guide (.doc)
Test Plan (.doc)

Employee Appreciation Award System (3 months)
Senior staff announced efforts of hard-working employees along the company's walls for everyone to see, boosting morale.
  • Given general description of the objective and ample latitude to create solution.

Foster Wheeler, full-time
Cold Fusion, SQL Server, Eprise, Visual Source Safe, Ektron, JavaScript
Cold Fusion Developer Certification
Eprise Developer Certification

Global Intranet (2 years)
Standardised information from different internal sources providing distributed content ownership, document management and up-to-date information. More...
  • Designed content/structure architectural framework
  • Wrote Eprise, SQL, JavaScript and Cold Fusion code
  • Mentored fellow developers in the US, UK and Italy
  • Provided level 2 support; trained the Help Desk
  • Documented site structure and SQL work-arounds
Portal Excellence Awards (.doc)
Developer Guide (.doc)

eProcurement (9 months)
Procurement system for acquiring raw materials for engineering power plants
  • Designed new SQL tables and stored procedures, modified existing
  • Created forms in Cold Fusion with validation and data exchange
  • Upgraded to Cold Fusion MX

Lessons Learned (4 months)
Forum for project managers and engineers to impart wisdom
  • Met with two senior business analysts, drafted requirements
  • Designed database and created normalised tables in SQL
  • Programmed forms, validation and data exchange in Cold Fusion

HR Job Posting (2 months)
Enabled HR to post open jobs on the intranet or Internet
  • Met with business analyst, drafted requirements
  • Wrote Cold Fusion and SQL to achieve objective
  • Trained two users, provided support

Global Project Number System (3 months)
Standardised project codes for international cross-referencing and budget monitoring
  • Given specfications from senior business analyst
  • Designed database and created tables in SQL code
  • Programmed Cold Fusion to make forms, validate entry and perform data exchange
    Project Overview and User Guide (.doc)
Search User Guide (.doc)

Design Strategy

"Mr. Brent Shaub is a Senior Developer I recommend without hestitation. Brent was initially brought on to fix several problems and bugs within the system. Not only did he exceed the business' expectations, he was asked to complete several additional full software development lifecycle systems. Brent is a true IT Professional and a team player that would make a great addition to any organization."

Robert J. Cooke
Senior Vice President
Design Strategy

Foster Wheeler

"Brent is a great technical resource as well as a team player. He was able to work great with teams on very challenging projects. I highly recommend Brent for any position he may pursue."

Victor Salicetti
Corporate IT Director
Foster Wheeler

Department of Community
and Economic Development